100mm APO Elmarit f/2.8

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Product Information
To photograph from greater distances, discreetly and inconspicuously or to bring subjects closer that are situated too far from the camera position those are the great advantages of telephoto lenses. And the main subject can be emphasized by means of an unsharp fore- and background. Medium telephoto lenses visibly compress the depth of space and they make everything seem closer together. Distant things appear to be within reach, and it draws the observer right into the action. That’s why these lenses are very often used for sports- and animal photography.APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R is a fast macro lens with apochromatic correction. It is equally as good for format-filling pictures from somewhat greater distances as it is for portraits from medium range. This exceptional lens delivers outstanding imaging performance over its entire focusing range, from infinity to 45 cm or 17 3 /4 inches.
Product Identifiers
MPN 11352
UPC 22243113520
Lens System
Type Macro/Close Up, Telephoto
Focus Type Manual
Focal Length Fixed/Prime
Focal Length (mm) 100mm
Aperture F/2.8
Min Aperture 22
Mount Leica R
Weight 26.81 oz