77mm Fader ND Mark II

The Authentic Variable Fader ND Mark II, the one to use if you’re using only one. Optimum Quality. Optimum Performance. Optimum Pricing. UNIQUE: The 77 mm ND Fader Filter Mark II is a unique product designed and manufactured by Light Craft Workshop. Highly recommended by professional photographers and film directors, this is the latest version of the Mark II fader filter you have read and heard so much about. This adjustable neutral density filter offers 2-8 stops of additional density, changing when filter is rotated. CONVENIENT: Eliminates the need for multiple filters. All you need is a single filter to give you a range of ND2 to ND400 by simple manual rotation. BEST QUALITY: Designed for high definition photography and videography. Made with finest quality highly polished glass for better image resolution. Avoids any colour cast or vignetting. BEST PERFORMANCE: The ideal tool to produce slow shutter effects under heavy sunlight or large aperture under bright settings. Suggested for use with wide and standard lens with focal length under 200 mm for best image performance. Creates beautiful bokeh. BRAND NEW: You get a brand new Fader ND Mark II in a plastic case with lens cap, lens cap safety string, all packed in its original Light Craft Workshop box with hologram logo to signify the genuine article. AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR: Beware of imitators, we are the only authorized USA distributor. Light Craft Workshop is a dedicated team of photographers and engineers creating innovative high quality photographic equipment with a focus on filters. Understanding the needs of photographers and videographers. STANDARD SHIPPING IS VIA USPS PRIORITY (2-3 DAYS)