February 7, 2011


Every accessory that you need for your HDSLR shoot !!


HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Monitor

The DreamColor LP2480zx 24″ Professional Widescreen LCD Computer Display from Hewlett-Packard is a high-quality monitor built with professional graphics use in mind.

Built around 30-bit LCD technology, the display can cover 133% of the NTSC color gamut: more than a billion colors! For graphic design, photography, and professional video editing the choice is clear: dream in color with DreamColor.

  • 30-bit LCD panel supports more than 1 billion active colors, 64 times that of traditional LCDs, eliminating banding and contouring artifacts
  • Uses an IPS panel
  • Features best-in-class off-axis performance, including ultra low chrominance shift and contrast degradation
  • Tearing-free film and 50/60Hz video playback
  • Allows you to work with deep colors, including CRT-class black and programmable white
  • You can set the white point using the RGB LED backlight
  • Color control allows you to share projects and match even the toughest of colors
  • Accurate colors allow you to collaborate with others while ensuring that documents are displayed as they are intended to be
  • Choose from factory-calibrated color spaces with the touch of a button, including sRGB, Adobe RGB, Rec. 601, Rec. 709, DCI-P3 emulation (97%), and full gamut
  • An optional HP DreamColor Advanced Profiling Solution, with colorimeter and software, is available to customize color space by defining the primaries, gamma, white point, and luminance
  • HP Night Vision user interface features on-screen button tags and auto-fade backlit bezel buttons for easy control in both bright and dark work environments
  • Connect to a computer via DisplayPort 1.1, HDMI 1.3, DVD-I, VGA, RCA component, S-Video, or RCA composite; digital connections support HDCP
  • Adjust tilt, swivel, height, and pivot
  • Integrated 4-port USB 2.0 hub

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