CobraCrane BackPacker Jib – 8Ft.

$35.00 per day

• Quick Setup: CobraCranes set up in minutes – no additional tools required .
• Ease of Use: With only minutes of practice, get those hard to get shots.
• Flexible: Works with a wide variety of cameras and tripods

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The CobraCrane Backpacker is an easy to setup jib that is simple to operate, by one individual, while taking amazing footage. Bring a whole new dimension to your video productions by bring the camcorder from a low shot to a high shot smoothly and efficiently. The CobraCrane BackPacker mounts on any sturdy tripod with the CobraCrane Mounting Bracket for quick and easy set up and can shorten to 42 inch for portability. This sturdy construction elevates your camcorder up to 8 feet, and can hold a camcorder up to 6.5 pounds. The CobraCrane BackPacker is made from durable, high strength, lightweight steel. While total height depends on tripod, the CobraCrane BackPacker gains 3 ft. above the Tripod Head and can reach up to 8 feet above the ground (on a 5 foot Tripod) and can go as low as ground level, offering incredible performance and versatility at a very competitive price.

Backpackers are used by adventure camera operators. If your job requires climbing up the mountains, hiking on the trail, shooting on the ski slopes, or use in the wild, CobraCrane Backpacker is the system for you. Need to bring a system into the wild for adventure work or outback documentaries? Our lightest system weighing in at only 13lbs, the CobraCrane Backpacker is a cinch to carry out into the field. It offers the same functionality as all the other CobraCranes, just lighter and easier to carry.

For those on the go, we offer the CobraCrane Backpacker. This system is the same length at the CobraCrane I (5 feet). The difference is that this package comes as two smaller pieces allowing you to break it down for easy transport.